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Minor’s Syndrome Surgical Intervention by Prof. Vincent Darrouzet

ENT Surgery with the M530 OHX microscope


Minor’s disease, also called Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence (SSCD) or Minor’s syndrome, is a rare disorder of the inner ear that affects hearing and balance. The disease is characterized by the absence of bone overlying the superior semicircular canal facing towards the dura of the middle cranial fossa.

Surgical repair of the semicircular canal can help control the symptoms of the disease. One of the surgical techniques is transmastoid plugging, which is considered a safe and effective alternative to the traditional middle cranial fossa approach [1].

About Prof. Vincent Darrouzet

Prof. Vincent Darrouzet is the Head of the Otorhinolaryngology Department at the University Hospital of Bordeaux in France. The Department is specialized in otology, otoneurology, audiology, rhinology, oncology and cervical surgery as well as pediatric ENT. Prof. Darrouzet and his team use Leica surgical microscopes to support their needs.

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About the M530 OHX microscope

The M530 OHX surgical microscope for ENT is designed to see every detail even in narrow channels, thanks to outstanding optics and illumination. The groundbreaking FusionOptics technology unites an enhanced depth of field with high resolution to create an optimal view of the surgical field. In addition, with a long-reaching overhead stand and large working distance, the M530 OHX allows surgeons to work comfortably and freely maneuver with their instruments. Learn more about otolaryngology visualization solutions from Leica Microsystems and their benefits for surgeons.

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