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Cornea Webinar Series: DMEK, DSAEK, and DALK cases

Dr. Jod S Mehta talks about surgical management and the role of intraoperative OCT


Exclusive 2-part webinar series by Dr. Jod S Mehta, distinguished Professor, Duke-NUS, Singapore National Eye Center.

Learn DMEK, complicated DSAEK, DALK surgery, indications, techniques, and the key advantages of intraoperative OCT.

What to expect in the webinar

Key Learnings

Session 1: DMEK and complicated DSAEK surgery

  • DMEK, DSAEK indications and comparison
  • Introduction on intraoperative OCT
  • Key advantages of intraoperative OCT for DMEK and complicated DSAEK

Session 2: DALK surgery

  • DALK vs PK
  • DALK surgical techniques
  • Role of intraoperative OCT in DALK surgery

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