Cornea Webinar Series: DMEK, DSAEK, and DALK cases

Dr. Jod S Mehta talks about surgical management and the role of intraoperative OCT


Exclusive 2-part webinar series by Dr. Jod S Mehta, distinguished Professor, Duke-NUS, Singapore National Eye Center.

Learn DMEK, complicated DSAEK, DALK surgery, indications, techniques, and the key advantages of intraoperative OCT.

Speaker: Prof. Jod S Mehta

Head of the Corneal Service Singapore National Eye Center (SNEC). Head of the Tissue Engineering and Cell therapy group at the Singapore Eye Research Institute and Professor with DUKE-NUS GMS. Named Professor of Clinical Innovation at SNEC/SERI. Director of Education, Singhealth Transplant and Deputy Executive Director at SERI. He has published >390 peer-reviewed papers and 20 book chapters. Current H-index 52, citations >9640. He has given >250 invited plenary, symposium and named lectures globally with over 50 national and international awards. His research work has generated 15 patents, 5 of which have been licensed to companies. Has trained 26 international fellows, 5 masters students and 8 PhD students. He leads a clinical service and runs a research program comprising of clinical and translational studies. His work is focused on corneal transplantation, femtosecond laser technology, corneal imaging, corneal infections, corneal refractive surgery, keratoprosthesis surgery and corneal genetics.

Learning Objectives

Session 1: DMEK and complicated DSAEK surgery

  • DMEK, DSAEK indications and comparison
  • Introduction on intraoperative OCT
  • Key advantages of intraoperative OCT for DMEK and complicated DSAEK

Session 2: DALK surgery

  • DALK vs PK
  • DALK surgical techniques
  • Role of intraoperative OCT in DALK surgery

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