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Publications 2019

Microstructure evolution of rail steels under different dry sliding conditions: A comparison between pearlitic and bainitic microstructures
Chen Y, Ren R, Pan J, Pan R, Zhao X
2019 vol: 438-439 pp: 203011

Mn-Intercalated MoSe2 under pressure: electronic structure and vibrational characterization of a dilute magnetic semiconductor
Chen S, Johnson V, Moser B, Williams D, Donadio D, et. al.

Adsorption behaviour of surfactant-nanoparticles at the gas-liquid interface: Influence of the alkane chain length
Zhao M, Wang R, Dai C, Wu X, Wu Y, et. al.
Chemical Engineering Science
2019 vol: 206 pp: 203-211

Characterization of aluminium matrix compositesreinforced by Al–Cu–Fe-Cr quasicrystalline particles
Yuan Y, Hou H, Zhao Y, Yan F
Materials Research Express
2019 vol: 6 (7) pp: 076544

Pressure-dependent phase transition of 2D layered silicon telluride (Si2Te3) and manganese intercalated silicon telluride
Johnson V, Anilao A, Koski K
Nano Research
2019 vol: 12 (9) pp: 2373-2377

Printable Smart Pattern for Multifunctional Energy-Management E-Textile
Zhang M, Zhao M, Jian M, Wang C, Yu A, et. al.
2019 vol: 1 (1) pp: 168-179

A microfluidic approach for probing hydrodynamic effects in barite scale formation
Sosa R, Geng X, Reynolds M, Rimer J, Conrad J
Lab on a Chip
2019 vol: 19 (9) pp: 1534-1544

Molybdenum Trioxide (α-MoO3) Nanoribbons for Ultrasensitive Ammonia (NH3) Gas Detection: Integrated Experimental and Density Functional Theory Simulation Studies
Kwak D, Wang M, Koski K, Zhang L, Sokol H, et. al.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
2019 vol: 11 (11) pp: 10697-10706

Tailoring the anisotropic mechanical properties of hexagonal M7X3 (M=Fe, Cr, W, Mo; X=C, B) by multialloying
Chong X, Hu M, Wu P, Shan Q, Jiang Y, et. al.
Acta Materialia
2019 vol: 169 pp: 193-208

Flow softening behavior and microstructure evolution of aluminum alloy 6061 due to dynamic recovery
Guan W, Linyuan K, Zhiwen L, Shikang L, Luoxing L
Materials Research Express
2019 vol: 6 (5) pp: 056555

Precisely Tailoring Bubble Morphology in Microchannel by Nanoparticles Self-assembly
Wu Y, Wang R, Dai C, Xu Y, Yue T, et. al.
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
2019 vol: 58 (9) pp: 3707-3713

Post-irradiation examinations of UO2 composites as part of the Accident Tolerant Fuels Campaign
Cappia F, Harp J, McCoy K
Journal of Nuclear Materials
2019 vol: 517 pp: 97-105

Design and simulation of optical micro-structures in silicon integrated circuitry with Si avalanche-mode light emitters, EXCEL optical ray tracing, and RSOFT optical simulation
Snyman L, Okhai T
Fifth Conference on Sensors, MEMS, and Electro-Optic Systems
Publisher: SPIE
2019 vol: 11043 pp: 47

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Powder Thixoforged Amorphous Ni55Nb35Si10-Reinforced Al Matrix Composites
Nouri Z, Sedighi M
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance
2019 vol: 28 (2) pp: 1151-1160

Mechanical properties and thermal stability of 7055 Al alloy by minor Sc addition
Liu C, Teng G, Ma Z, Wei L, Zhou W, et. al.
Rare Metals
2019 pp: 1-8

Assessment of submicron particle zeta potential in simple electrokinetic microdevices
Hidalgo‐Caballero S, Lentz C, Lapizco‐Encinas B
2019 vol: 40 (10) pp: 1395-1399

Mechanical strengthening mechanism of Zn-Li alloy and its mini tube as potential absorbable stent material
Dai Y, Zhang Y, Liu H, Fang H, Li D, et. al.
Materials Letters
2019 vol: 235 pp: 220-223

Publications 2018

Thermal Analysis for the Prediction of Grain Refinement: An Experimental Investigation on an AlSiMg Foundry Alloy
Lattanzi L, Fortini A, Giovagnoli M, Merlin M, Pirletti S, et. al.
Materials Science Forum
2018 vol: 941 pp: 1029-1034

Effect of TiB2 addition on the microstructure and wear resistance of Ti-6Al-4V alloy fabricated through direct metal laser sintering (DMLS)
Patil A, Hiwarkar V, Verma P, Khatirkar R
Journal of Alloys and Compounds
2019 vol: 777 pp: 165-173

Design and Characterization of Super Austenitic Stainless Steel Stabilized with Niobium Produced by Induction Melting at Open Atmosphere
Sanhueza J, Montoya L, Toledo E, Alvarado M, García J, et. al.
steel research international
2018 pp: 1800215

Chemical intercalation of heavy metal, semimetal, and semiconductor atoms into 2D layered chalcogenides
Wang M, Williams D, Lahti G, Teshima S, Dominguez Aguilar D, et. al.
2D Materials
2018 vol: 5 (4) pp: 045005

Feasibility study of a novel method for production of glassy reinforced composite Al–Ni60Nb40 of powder thixoforging
Nouri Z, Sedighi M, Minouei H
Journal of Composite Materials
2018 pp: 002199831878145

Stability Mechanism of Nitrogen Foam in Porous Media with Silica Nanoparticles Modified by Cationic Surfactants
Wu Y, Fang S, Zhang K, Zhao M, Jiao B, et. al.
2018 vol: 34 (27) pp: 8015-8023

Foam flow in a model porous medium: II. The effect of trapped gas
Jones S, Getrouw N, Vincent-Bonnieu S
Soft Matter
2018 vol: 14 (18) pp: 3497-3503

Room Temperature Mechanical Properties of A356 Alloy with Ni Additions from 0.5 Wt to 2 Wt %
Lattanzi L, Di Giovanni M, Giovagnoli M, Fortini A, Merlin M, et. al.
2018 vol: 8 (4) pp: 224

Effects of Tube Processing on the Fatigue Life of Nitinol
Adler P, Frei R, Kimiecik M, Briant P, James B, et. al.
Shape Memory and Superelasticity
2018 vol: 4 (1) pp: 197-217

The Observation of the Structure of M23C6/γ Coherent Interface in the 100Mn13 High Carbon High Manganese Steel
Xu Z, Ding Z, Liang B
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A
2018 pp: 1-6

Emulsion behavior control and stability study through decorating silica nano-particle with dimethyldodecylamine oxide at n-heptane/water interface
Dai C, Li H, Zhao M, et. al.
Chemical Engineering Science
2018 vol: 179 pp: 73-82

Impact of Ultrathin C60 on Perovskite Photovoltaic Devices
Liu D, Wang Q, Traverse C, Yang C, Young M, et. al.
ACS Nano
2018 pp: acsnano.7b08561

Fabrication of high-performance antifogging and antireflective coatings using faujasitic nanozeolites
Cao L, Hao H, Dutta P
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials
2018 vol: 263 pp: 62-70

Publications 2017

One-pot preparation of poly(styrene-co-divinylbenzene)/silver nanoparticles composite microspheres with tunable porosity and their catalytic degradation of methylene blue in aqueous solution
Ji X, Griesing F, Yan R, Sun B, Pauer W, Zhu M, Sun Y, Moritz H
RSC Adv.
2017 vol: 7 (79) pp: 50176-50187

Functionalized reduced graphene oxide (fRGO) for removal of fulvic acid contaminant
Ray S, Majumder C, Saha P
RSC Advances
2017 vol: 7 (35) pp: 21768-21779

Publications 2016

FBG-based large deflection shape sensing of a continuum manipulator: Manufacturing optimization
Sefati S, Alambeigi F, Iordachita I, Armand M, Murphy R, Armand M
2016 pp: 1-3

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