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  • Sport Fabrics Taped I3 10x Color

    How Industrial Applications Benefit from Fluorescence Microscopy

    Watch this free webinar to know more about what you can do with fluorescence microscopy for industrial applications. We will cover a wide range of investigations where fluorescence contrast offers new…
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  • Challenges Faced When Manually Rating Non-Metallic Inclusions (NMIs) to Determine Steel Quality

    Rapid, accurate, and reliable rating of non-metallic inclusions (NMIs) is instrumental for the determination of steel quality. This article describes the challenges that arise from manual NMI rating,…
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  • Criteria to Consider When Choosing a Digital Solution for Steel Quality Rating

    For the efficient and fast rating of non-metallic inclusions to determine steel quality, deciding which digital rating solution to use can be a challenge. This article discusses the important criteria…
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  • Reasons Why There is Growing Need for Fast and Reliable Steel Quality Rating Solutions

    Steel quality is critical for the manufacturing of high-quality components and products. Fast, reliable, and accurate detection and classification of inclusions has become essential for both component…
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  • Top Issues Related to Standards for Rating Non-Metallic Inclusions in Steel

    Supplying components and products made of steel to users worldwide can require that a single batch be compliant with multiple steel quality standards. This user demand creates significant challenges…
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  • Rate the Quality of Your Steel: Free Webinar and Report

    This webinar and report describe optimal microscopy solutions for rating steel quality in terms of non-metallic inclusions and reviews the various international and regional standards concerning…
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  • Five Advantages of Inverted Over Upright Microscopes in Industrial Applications

    With inverted microscopes, you look at samples from below since their optics are placed under the sample, with upright microscopes you look at samples from above. Traditionally, inverted microscopes…
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  • Fields of Application

  • Industry & Manufacturing

    Downtime hurts your bottom line. Leica Microsystems can help you avoid this by giving you insights into the smallest details, identify, document and create reports efficiently. We offer a broad range…
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  • Metallography

    You can find out more about Leica microscopy solutions for metallography and metallurgy and how they can empower you to examine precisely microstructure.
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  • Steel Quality Rating

    An improved efficiency for non-metallic inclusion rating enables steel suppliers and industry manufacturers to verify the steel quality in less time in order to ensure reliable performance and long…
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  • Materials & Earth Science

    You need the right tools for reliable, high-quality imaging and analysis. Leica Microsystems is the single source for all your research needs. Along with expert local support, we offer a broad range…
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