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Trimming Systems

High Preparing embedded samples for ultramicrotomy is a delicate task. As the shape of the block face and the straightness of the edges of the trimmed sample have a profound effect on the sectioning characteristics, parallel edges top and bottom are a must. Leica Microsystems’ trimming devices for biological, industrial or pharmaceutical applications make the first step of sample preparation safe, accurate, fast and reliable. Users who prepare TEM specimens for ultrathin sections obtain surfaces of the highest sectioning quality. In pharmaceutical research pills can be milled with maximum safety and precision.

For biological, industrial or pharmaceutical applications!

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Pharmaceutical Research

In the development of new medications, the distribution of active ingredients within a tablet plays an important role in their effectiveness. Prepare tablets for quantitative NIR (near-infrared) spectroscopy quickly and with maximum precision using the Leica EM RAPID milling system. High-performance tungsten carbide or diamond milling tools decapsulate and mill without smearing effects from the outer capsule layer.

Trimming for SEM, TEM and LM

Conventional trimming of embedded samples involves the use of razor blades and a great deal of skill by the ultramicrotomist. The Leica EM TRIM2 specimen trimming device helps you to produce a perfect pyramid and cutting face of both biological and industrial samples safely, rapidly and accurately within less than 60 seconds.