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Intra-Operative Fluorescence-Guided Blood Flow View 820 nm/NIR Leica FL800

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  • Visualization of an AVM with the Leica FL560 fluorescein fluorescence module

    Benefits of Fluorescence in Vascular Neurosurgery

    Fluorescein and ICG fluorescence videoangiography have transformed the experience of vascular neurosurgeons, providing an intraoperative view with enriched information. During the Leica 2021…
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  • Urethra and phalloplasty anastomosis

    Using GLOW800 AR in Radial Forearm Flap Free Phalloplasty

    In this video, Chief Microsurgeon Professor Küntscher and his team perform a radial forearm free flap phalloplasty and use ICG fluorescence imaging to show the blood flow in the whole flap from the…
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  • phalloplasty and subcutaneous mastectomy

    How AR Surgery Benefits Radial Forarm Free Flap Phalloplasty

    The goal of penile reconstruction is to provide an aesthetic penoid with tactile and erogenous sensation, so the patient can have sexual intercourse and void standing.1 Currently, the radial forearm…
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  • Operating room, PROVIDO

    Free Flap Procedures in Oncological Reconstructive Surgery

    Free flap surgery is considered the gold standard for breast, head and neck reconstructions for cancer patients. These procedures, which enable functional and aesthetic rehabilitation, can be quite…
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  • Plastic reconstructive surgery with M530 OHX

    Advances in Oncological Reconstructive Surgery

    Decision making and patient care in oncological reconstructive surgery have considerably evolved in recent years. New surgical assistance technologies are helping surgeons push the boundaries of what…
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  • Advanced Visualization in Maxillofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is very demanding. Surgical microscopes play an important role, helping to ensure flaps are well vascularized. Dr. Christine Bach is a Plastic and Reconstructive…
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  • Immediate Breast Reconstruction: Benefits of GLOW800 Augmented Reality

    Dr. Harold Chatel is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in a leading hospital in Paris, France. One of his areas of expertise is oncological reconstructive surgery and immediate breast…
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  • Oncological Reconstructive Surgery with the Leica M530 OHX Microscope

    Precision is essential in oncological reconstructive surgery, in particular when it relies on free flap techniques. Microsurgical microscopes provide optimal visualization and help streamline the…
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  • Oncological Reconstructive Surgery: Why Use a Microscope

    Recent advances in microsurgery are enhancing breast reconstruction for oncology patients, allowing both functional and aesthetic rehabilitation. More and more surgeons are adopting surgical…
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  • Benefits of Microscope & Integrated Vascular Fluorescence Use

    Oncological reconstructive surgery requires high precision and attention to details. It can pose a number of challenges: long operating time, flap necrosis and other complications. Leica visualization…
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  • Full-HD Image Injection

    The human skull is an especially delicate area for surgery. To differentiate healthy tissue from tumor cells, or treat an aneurysm for example, the surgeon needs a complete picture of the surgical…
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  • Sylvian dissection with ICG, viewed with FL800 fluorescence

    In vascular and neoplastic surgery sylvian dissection is an essential skill. The neurosurgeon needs to recognize the superficial sylvian vein (SSV) in order to safely and accurately achieve a wide…
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  • Fields of Application

  • Neurosurgery

    Neurosurgery microscopes from Leica Microsystems provide high-quality optics and engineering for cranial, spine, multi-disciplinary and other microsurgery disciplines.
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