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Advanced Visualization in Spine Surgery

Interview with Dr. Sven Bamps


There have been meaningful advances in spine surgery in recent years. Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS) techniques provide significant benefits, helping to minimize surgical trauma, improve patient outcomes and decrease post-operative recovery time.

Dr. Sven Bamps is a Neurosurgeon at the Sint-Truiden Hospital and Hasselt University in Belgium. He uses the Leica PROvido surgical microscope, which has set a new standard for visualization quality in spine surgery. PROvido offers premium optics and illumination as well as a responsive and stable floor stand. It enables a bright and fully-focused view deep into narrow cavities.

Key Learnings

In the below video, Dr. Bamps shares his first impressions of PROvido after performing a posterior lumbar fusion. He explains the advantages of the operating microscope, which helped him make the procedure less invasive. He points out the key features: ease of use, connectivity, comprehensive visualization, depth of field, optimal illumination, high image quality and an ergonomic operating position.

Discover the video below as well as a full transcript. If you would like to learn more about the PROvido surgical microscope, contact a Leica representative. Our team can organize a personalized product demonstration and talk you through our spine surgery solutions.

About the PROvido microscope

The PROvido surgical microscope provides unique benefits for spine surgery supporting Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS) and procedures such as posterior lumbar fusion and posterior lumbar interbody fusion. PROvido features outstanding optics and an extended depth of field to see everything you need to see. There is no need to search for vital details or constantly refocus. The PROvido microscope stand is extremely lightweight and versatile for efficient set-up and workflow in the OR.

The statements of the healthcare professional included in this article reflect only his opinion and personal experience. They do not necessarily reflect the opinion of any institution with whom he is affiliated.

Transcription of the Video

What kind of spine procedure did you perform with the PROvido?

“The procedure we performed was a posterior lumbar fusion of the L4 and L5 vertebrae, with a decompression of the L4 and L5 nerve root on the asymptomatic left side.”

What was your impression using the PROvido in spine surgery?

“My first impression was very good, as it’s a very nice device, easy to use, easy to handle. And the design of the machine is also very easy to use for my operation staff in the OR. For example, the touch screen is very handy, very easy to use, and we can also easily connect it to our upper screens into the operating theater.”  

Which advantages did you experience during surgery using the PROvido?

“The advantages using the microscope was that I could gain a clear view of the exiting nerve roots on the damaged side, and we could have a nice vision, a very in-depth focus at the operating side. I can really see a very nice difference in the anatomical layers. I can see the yellow ligament, I can see the nerve root and the dural sac, the thecal sac, and I can clearly differentiate them while playing with the focus and the zoom.”

What did you like most about the PROvido?

“The main benefits for me is that I can bring light, nicely, deeply into the operative field, that I can change the position of the microscope without changing my physiological position so it’s easier to operate on the patient, and it’s better for the patient because we can make the procedure less invasive.”

Would you recommend the PROvido to your colleagues?

“Yes, I will suggest it to them. It’s also very user friendly into the operating theater and the side screen, the new flat screen, has a very high image quality so that everybody in the room can enjoy the operation.”

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