Towards Advanced Use of Intraoperative OCT in Cataract Surgery

Discover the White Paper “Intraoperative OCT Use in Cataract Surgery – From Routine to Advanced” in which Dr. Rachid Tahiri explains why a paradigm shift is needed

The benefits of intraoperative Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) for retinal and corneal surgery are well-known and documented. This technology can also play a significant role in cataract surgery, helping to improve the precision, speed and safety of procedures.

Dr. Rachid Tahiri, an ophthalmic surgeon in Granville, France, is at the forefront of the use of intraoperative OCT in cataract surgery. He has acquired extensive clinical experience in a variety of cases, including difficult surgeries and hard cataracts.


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In this White Paper, he shares his personal experience with the Leica EnFocus intraoperative OCT, the valuable features supporting smooth surgery and how it allows him to minimize complications and readmissions. He explains why ophthalmic surgeons should consider integrating intraoperative OCT to their practice, and how this will augment their confidence and enable them to achieve better outcomes.

Disclaimer: The statements and explanations of the healthcare professional in this video reflect only his opinion and personal experience. His statements don’t necessarily reflect the opinion of any institution with whom he is affiliated.

Overview of the chapters written and illustrated by Dr. Rachid Tahiri

  • Introduction: the development of intraoperative OCT
  • Personal experience with intraoperative OCT
  • Studies describing intraoperative OCT in cataract surgery
  • Overview of cases performed with intraoperative OCT
    • Residual lens fragment assessment
    • Cataract incision analysis
    • Total cataract case

  • Conclusions
  • References

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