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  • Staining is crucial to revealing details in the specimens.

    H&E Staining in Microscopy

    If we consider the role of microscopy in pathologists’ daily routines, we often think of the diagnosis. While microscopes indeed play a crucial role at this stage of the pathology lab workflow, they…
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  • Acute lymphoblastic leukemia

    How to Benefit from Digital Cytopathology

    If you have thought of digital cytopathology as characterized by the digitization of glass slides, this webinar with Dr. Alessandro Caputo from the University Hospital of Salerno, Italy will broaden…
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  • Laboratory

    Factors for Selecting Clinical Microscopes

    If you are considering the purchase of new clinical microscopes for yourself or your team, you will think about many options, vendors, and microscope models. Here are some tips to help you come to the…
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  • H&E stained specimen, 20x magnification

    The Time to Diagnosis is Crucial in Clinical Pathology

    Abnormalities in tissues and fluids - that’s what pathologists are looking for when they examine specimens under the microscope. What they see and deduce from their findings is highly influential, as…
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  • Perform Microscopy Analysis for Pathology Ergonomically and Efficiently

    The main performance features of a microscope which are critical for rapid, ergonomic, and precise microscopic analysis of pathology specimens are described in this article. Microscopic analysis of…
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  • Koehler Illumination: A Brief History and a Practical Set Up in Five Easy Steps

    The technique of Koehler Illumination is one of the most important and fundamental techniques in achieving optimum imaging in any given light microscope set-up. Although it should be routinely used as…
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  • Fields of Application

  • Fluorescence Microscopy Solutions

    Find out how fluorescence microscopes from Leica Microsystems support your research. Fluorescence is one of the most commonly used physical phenomena in biological and analytical microscopy for its…
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  • Clinical Pathology

    Learn how ergonomic microscopes from Leica Microsystems support accurate and timely diagnosis in clinical pathology.
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  • Microscopy in Pathology

    Analysis of specimens for pathology sometimes requires long hours working with a microscope. The result for the user may be physical discomfort and strain that can lead to reduced efficiency and the…
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  • Anatomic Pathology

    Learn how ergonomic microscopes from Leica Microsystems support efficient and accurate diagnosis in anatomic pathology.
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