Zhigang Yang , PhD

Zhigang Yang

Zhigang Yang, PhD, associate professor. Shenzhen Overseas High-level Talents "Peacock Project" Category B talents. Graduated from Dalian University of Technology with a doctorate degree in engineering, mainly engaged in the research of functional fluorescent dyes. In 2015, he formally joined the team of Professor Qu Junle of Shenzhen University to engage in teaching and research work. His research direction is mainly based on bio-optical imaging, including super-resolution optics and near-infrared optical probe and imaging research, as well as optical coherence tomography and application research. He has currently in Chemical Reviews, Chemical Society Reviews, Nature Communications, CHEM, JACS, Biomaterials, Analytical Chemistry, Optics Express, Biomedical Optics Express and other journals published more than 50 academic papers, participated in the compilation of 1 English monograph, applied for or authorized more than 10 invention patents in China, the United States, Europe, etc., served Biosensors, Membrane and other special issues of the periodical as guest editor.

STED imaging of mitochondria revealed cristae dynamics during fusion. A comparison of confocal (left) and STED (right) imaging.

Mitochondrial Dynamics Quantitatively Revealed by STED Nanoscopy

Mitochondria are vital subcellular organelles, which can generate energy to support the entire lifecycle of biological cells. However, conventional fluorescence microscopy cannot provide a high enough…
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