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Clinical Symposium on OCT-guided Cornea Surgery

How to improve surgical outcomes in cornea surgery with the guidance of intraoperative OCT


In this recording Prof. Mehta from Singapore National Eye Centre and Prof. Fontana from Santa Maria Nuova Hospital in Regio Emilia, Italy, share their expertise on corneal surgery. They present PK, DMEK, DSAEK, and DALK cases during the symposium and share their experiences with the new Leica intraoperative OCT solution EnFocus, now built into the Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope.

About the Symposium

Introduction on intraoperative OCT

  • Insights from Leica Microsystems on the new EnFocus intraoperative OCT solution
  • Scientific evidence on the utility of OCT-guided cornea surgery

Surgical experience in cornea surgery

  • Surgery, indications, and techniques
  • Key advantages of intraoperative OCT for DALK, DMEK, and DSAEK

Watch the symposium

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Duration: 45 min presentation followed by a 15-minute Q&A session

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