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Leica SR GSD 3D 3D Localization Microscope

The Evolution of Resolution

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Visualizing tropoelastin in a long-term human elastic fibre cell culture model
Halm M, Schenke-Layland K, Jaspers S, Wenck H, Fischer F (2016)
Scientific reports vol: 6 pp: 20378

Oxidative stress decreases microtubule growth and stability in ventricular myocytes
Drum B, Yuan C, Li L, Liu Q, Wordeman L, Santana L (2016)
Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology

Nonuniformity Analysis of a 65-kpixel CMOS SPAD Imager
Antolovic I Burri S Bruschini C Hoebe R Charbon E (2016)
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices vol: 63 (1) pp: 57-64

Plasma membrane localization of the -opioid receptor controls spatiotemporal signaling
Halls M, Yeatman H, Nowell C, Thompson G, Gondin A, Civciristov S, Bunnett N, Lambert N, Poole D, Canals M (2016)
Science Signaling vol: 9 (414) pp: ra16-ra16

Botulinum neurotoxin type-A enters a non-recycling pool of synaptic vesicles
Harper C, Papadopulos A, Martin S, Matthews D, Morgan G, Nguyen T, Wang T, Nair D, Choquet D, Meunier F (2016)
Scientific Reports vol: 6 pp: 19654

Highly stable multi-anchored magnetic nanoparticles for optical imaging within biofilms
Stone R, Fellows B, Qi B, Trebatoski D, Jenkins B, Raval Y, Tzeng T, Bruce T, McNealy T, Austin M, Monson T, Huber D, Mefford O (2015)
Journal of colloid and interface science vol: 459 pp: 175-82

Photodegradation of dispersants in colloidal suspensions of pristine graphene
Hansen M, Rountree K, Irin F, Sweeney C, Klaassen C, Green M (2015)
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Co-Orientation: Quantifying Simultaneous Co-Localization and Orientational Alignment of Filaments in Light Microscopy
Nieuwenhuizen R, Nahidiazar L, Manders E, Jalink K, Stallinga S, Rieger B (2015)
PloS one vol: 10 (7) pp: e0131756

Initiation of lamellipodia and ruffles involves cooperation between mDia1 and the Arp2/3 complex
Isogai T, van der Kammen R, Leyton-Puig D, Kedziora K, Jalink K, Innocenti M (2015)
Journal of Cell Science

The molecular architecture of hemidesmosomes as revealed by super-resolution microscopy
Nahidiazar L, Kreft M, van den Broek B, Secades P, Manders E, Sonnenberg A, Jalink K (2015)
Journal of Cell Science pp: jcs.171892-

Far-Red Emitting Fluorescent Dyes for Optical Nanoscopy: Fluorinated Silicon-Rhodamines (SiRF Dyes) and Phosphorylated Oxazines
Kolmakov K, Hebisch E, Wolfram T, Nordwig L, Wurm C, Ta H, Westphal V, Belov V, Hell S (2015)
Chemistry vol: 21 (38) pp: 13344-13356

Ubl4A is required for insulin-induced Akt plasma membrane translocation through promotion of Arp2/3-dependent actin branching
Zhao Y, Lin Y, Zhang H, Mañas A, Tang W, Zhang Y, Wu D, Lin A, Xiang J (2015)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America vol: 112 (31) pp: 9644-9649

Dynamic heterogeneity of DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation in embryonic stem cell populations captured by single-cell 3D high-content analysis
Tajbakhsh J, Stefanovski D, Tang G, Wawrowsky K, Liu N, Fair J (2015)
Experimental cell research vol: 332 (2) pp: 190-201

Influenza virus adaptation PB2-627K modulates nucleocapsid inhibition by the pathogen sensor RIG-I
Weber M, Sediri H, Felgenhauer U, Binzen I, Bänfer S, Jacob R, Brunotte L, García-Sastre A, Schmid-Burgk J, Schmidt T, Hornung V, Kochs G, Schwemmle M, Klenk H, Weber F (2015)
Cell host & microbe vol: 17 (3) pp: 309-19

The intellectual disability protein RAB39B selectively regulates GluA2 trafficking to determine synaptic AMPAR composition
Mignogna M, Giannandrea M, Gurgone A, Fanelli F, Raimondi F, Mapelli L, Bassani S, Fang H, Van Anken E, Alessio M, Passafaro M, Gatti S, Esteban J, Huganir R, D'Adamo P (2015)
Nature communications vol: 6 pp: 6504

The rod domain is not essential for the function of plectin in maintaining tissue integrity
Ketema M, Secades P, Kreft M, Nahidiazar L, Janssen H, Jalink K, Pereda J, Sonnenberg A (2015)
Molecular biology of the cell vol: 26 (13) pp: 2402-17

Co-Orientation: Quantifying Simultaneous Co-Localization and Orientational Alignment of Filaments in Light Microscopy
Nieuwenhuizen R, Nahidiazar L, Manders E, Jalink K, Stallinga S, Rieger B, (2015)
PloS one vol: 10 (7) pp: e0131756

Evidence for functional and dynamic microcompartmentation of Cav-1/TRPV4/KCa in caveolae of endothelial cells
Goedicke-Fritz S, Kaistha A, Kacik M, Markert S, Hofmeister A, Busch C, Bänfer S, Jacob R, Grgic I, Hoyer J (2015)
European journal of cell biology

Patients Infected with CRF07_BC Have Significantly Lower Viral Loads than Patients with HIV-1 Subtype B: Mechanism and Impact on Disease Progression
Huang S, Wang S, Lin Y, Yen C, Lee C, Wong W, Tsai H, Yang C, Hu B, Lin Y, Wang C, Wang J, Hu Z, Kuritzkes D, Chen Y, Chen Y (2014)
PLoS ONE vol: 9 (12) pp: e114441

Combining wide-field super-resolution microscopy and electron tomography: rendering nanoscopic correlative arrays on subcellular architecture
Filip Braet, Delfine Cheng, Minh Huynh, Jeffrey Henriquez, Gerry Shami, Marko Lampe (2014)
Methods in cell biology 124 p. 129-49

Dipeptidyl Peptidase 9 subcellular localization and a role in cell adhesion involving focal adhesion kinase and paxillin
Hui Zhang, Yiqian Chen, Carol Wadham, Geoffrey W McCaughan, Fiona M Keane, Mark D Gorrell (2014)
Biochimica et biophysica acta

Detailed morphological characterisation of Hendra virus infection of different cell types using super-resolution and conventional imaging
Paul Monaghan, Diane Green, Jackie Pallister, Reuben Klein, John White, Catherine Williams, Paul McMillan, Leann Tilley, Marko Lampe, Pippa Hawes, Lin-Fa Wang (2014)
Virology journal 11 (1) p. 200

Dynamic transcriptional response of Escherichia coli to inclusion body formation
Faraz Baig, Lawrence P Fernando, Mary Alice Salazar, Rhonda R Powell, Terri F Bruce, Sarah W Harcum (2013) Biotechnology and bioengineering

The fidelity of stochastic single-molecule super-resolution reconstructions critically depends upon robust background estimation
Eelco Hoogendoorn, Kevin C Crosby, Daniela Leyton-Puig, Ronald M P Breedijk, Kees Jalink, Theodorus W J Gadella, Marten Postma (2014) Scientific reports 4 p. 3854

Imaging ER-to-Golgi transport: towards a systems view
Fatima Verissimo, Rainer Pepperkok (2013)
Journal of cell science 126 (Pt 22) p. 5091-100

Ground State Depletion Microscopy Applied to Tubulin Modifications in Epithelial Cells
Sabrina Zink, Lena Grosse, Sebastian Bänfer, Ralf Jacob (2013)
Microscopy Today 21 (04) p. 14-18

Nuclear Pore Scaffold Structure Analyzed by Super-Resolution Microscopy and Particle Averaging
Anna Szymborska, Alex de Marco, Nathalie Daigle, Volker C Cordes, John A G Briggs, Jan Ellenberg (2013)
Science 341 (6146) p. 655-658

Superresolution Microscopy Reveals Nanometer-Scale Reorganization of Inhibitory Natural Killer Cell Receptors upon Activation of NKG2D
Sophie V Pageon, Shaun-Paul Cordoba, Dylan M Owen, Stephen M Rothery, Anna Oszmiana, Daniel M Davis (2013)
Science signaling 6 (285) p. ra62

Measuring image resolution in optical nanoscopy
Robert P J Nieuwenhuizen, Keith A Lidke, Mark Bates, Daniela Leyton Puig, David Grünwald, Sjoerd Stallinga, Bernd Rieger (2013)
Nature Methods advance on

The unconventional secretion of stress-inducible protein 1 by a heterogeneous population of extracellular vesicles
Glaucia N M Hajj, Camila P Arantes, Marcos Vinicios Salles Dias, Martín Roffé, Bruno Costa-Silva, Marilene H Lopes, Isabel Porto-Carreiro, Tatiana Rabachini, Flávia R Lima, Flávio H Beraldo, Marco M A Prado, Rafael Linden, Vilma R Martins (2013)
Cellular and molecular life sciences

Sensitive pH Probes of Retro Self-Quenching Fluorescent Nanoparticles
Lin-Chen Ho, Chung-Mao Ou, Chi-Lin Li, Ssu-Yu Chen, Hung-Wen Li, Huan-Tsung Chang (2013)
Journal of Materials Chemistry B

Incoming RNA Virus Nucleocapsids Containing a 5'-Triphosphorylated Genome Activate RIG-I and Antiviral Signaling
Michaela Weber, Ali Gawanbacht, Matthias Habjan, Andreas Rang, Christoph Borner, Anna Mareike Schmidt, Sophie Veitinger, Ralf Jacob, Stéphanie Devignot, Georg Kochs, Adolfo García-Sastre, Friedemann Weber (2013)
Cell Host & Microbe 13 (3) p. 336-346

Imaging the post-fusion release and capture of a vesicle membrane protein
Kem A Sochacki, Ben T Larson, Deepali C Sengupta, Mathew P Daniels, Gleb Shtengel, Harald F Hess, Justin W Taraska (2012)
Nature communications 3 p. 1154

Tubulin detyrosination promotes monolayer formation and apical trafficking in epithelial cells
Sabrina Zink, Lena Grosse, Andrea Freikamp, Sebastian Bänfer, Frauke Müksch, Ralf Jacob (2012)
Journal of cell science p. jcs.109470-

Using light to see and control membrane traffic.
Yingke Xu, Thomas J Melia, Derek K Toomre (2011)
Current opinion in chemical biology

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