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KL200 LED LED cold light source for routine / lower magnification applications

Archived Product
Replaced by KL300 LED

The Leica KL200 LED is an innovative fiber optic light source that uses cold light to illuminate all types of objects in industrial and life science applications.

The brightness is equivalent to a 20-Watt halogen lamp, which makes it an ideal illumination system for the requirements of routine stereo microscopes

The Leica KL200 LED is a LED based alternative to the Leica L2 and benefits from all features LED’s provides such as low power consumption and long service life. Also, it can be connected to all of the accessories of the very successful <link products stereomicroscopes illumination details product leica-l2 external-link-new-window external link in new>Leica L2 routine cold light source product line. This offers the most modularity and flexibility to meet the most common illumination techniques.

The KL200 LED Illumination on a Leica S4 E Stereomicroscope
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