Hochschule Furtwangen, Faculty of Medical and Life Sciences, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany

The Faculty offers interesting study programmes in high-tech fields such as biological sciences, medical diagnostics and molecular biomedicine.

Biotechnology, process engineering, medicine and medical engineering play an important part in increasing quality of life, maintaining health and in meeting the growing demands of an aging society.

Since 1988 the Schwenningen Campus of HFU has been internationally recognized as a centre for medical and biotechnology research and teaching with growing expertise in these fields. Our students have ideal study conditions with experienced teaching staff, and modern labs and lecture rooms. Our study programmes meet the growing need for academically trained specialists in the fields of biotechnology and the environment, as well as in the diagnosis, therapy and prevention of human disease. HFU students on the Schwenningen Campus can take advantage of this range of possibilities to customize their degree programme to meet their own personal interests. In addition Schwenningen is a relatively inexpensive place to live which offers attractive recreational possibilities thanks to the excellent infrastructure.


How FLIM Microscopy Helps to Detect Microplastic Pollution

The use of autofluorescence in biological samples is a widely used method to gain detailed knowledge about systems or organisms. This property is not only found in biological systems, but also…
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