Expanding the frontiers of confocal live cell imaging

With STELLARIS Confocal Platform


To address the specific challenges of live cell confocal imaging and help researchers get closer to the truth, Leica Microsystems has re-imagined confocal microscopy, designing its entirely new STELLARIS platform from the ground up.

Here we explore how STELLARIS unlocks the full power and potential of live cell studies by overcoming many common limitations and fully integrating fluorescence lifetime-based information to add a new dimension to your research.


Read the Application Note to find out how STELLARIS can take you beyond traditional limitations:

  • Image longer without photodamage, and with enhanced sensitivity for the fluorophores you use most.
  • Study dynamic events at exceptionally high frame rates—capturing up to 428 frames per second without compromising spatial resolution.
  • Multiplex beyond spectral options, resolving overlapping fluorescence spectra, and adding the fluorescence lifetime dimension to your experiments.

Download Application Note

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