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Video: The White Light Laser – How to Effectively Excite Multiple Fluorophores with a Single Light Source

The Leica TCS SP8 X white light laser combines acusto-optical beam splitting (AOBS) with spectral detection for finely tuned excitation and emission detection


The perfect light source for confocal microscopy should have sufficient intensity, tunable color for simultaneous excitation of a series of samples.

The Leica White Light Laser produces a continuous spectral output between the wavelengths of 470 and 670 nm. It allows you to select eight excitation lines from three trillion unique combinations for simultaneous imaging of multiple fluorophores. The white light laser source of the Leica TCS SP8 X perfectly matches the wavelength of any fluorophore.

Take two minutes to watch this video explaining the white light laser technology clearly and simply.

YouTube video by Leica Microsystems, November, 2013

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