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Array Tomography for SEM 3D Reconstruction

Webinar On-Demand - Benefits of automated serial sectioning with the ARTOS 3D ultramicrotome

Array tomography (AT) is a 3D image reconstruction technique for high resolution, quantitative analysis of biological structures. For optimal results, ultrathin and ordered sections are an absolute requirement.

Watch this webinar and get tips and tricks to optimize the workflow of your array tomography.


Frank Assen, Doctoral student, IST Austria

Robert Ranner, Product Manager EM Specimen Preparation, Leica Microsystems


Topics & Tags

Key Learnings

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Fast and precise trimming of the sample block-face
  • The importance of adhesion of a single section to create ribbons
  • The benefits of automated serial sectioning with the ARTOS 3D ultramicrotome
  • How to acquire and process a 3D SEM dataset
  • Segmentation and 3D reconstruction of cells
  • How to Interpret 3D reconstructions

Access to the Webinar

See the webinar on The Webinar was held on November 20th, 2018.

Array Tomography for SEM 3D Reconstruction