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Digital Microscopy

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  • 3D Visualization of Surface Structures

    One of the main features of a digital microscope is the speed and ease with which it enables surface models to be created of macroscopic and microscopic structures. In a qualitative evaluation, these…
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  • Trends in Microscopy

    There are digital cameras, digital TV sets, digital picture frames, digital schools on the internet. Cryptologists design digital signatures, communication researchers speak of digital identity.…
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  • Collecting "Funny Money"

    Nobody wants counterfeit money in their wallet. Even counterfeiters want to get rid of their own creations as quickly as possible. However, experts work intensively to identify counterfeit money on…
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  • Ancient Feast of Color

    Everyone knows that antique marble sculptures were white. Or were they? Scientists of the Copenhagen Polychromy Network (CPN) help to show that the statues of the Greeks and Romans were decorated with…
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